Friday, August 26, 2016

Writer Mark Reynolds reviews "Many Deaths…" for Christopher Moore's blog

Mark Reynolds, a Chicago writer who has written for popular outlets such as Canada's History, recently reviewed The Many Deaths of Tom Thomson for Christopher Moore's blog.

Reynolds says:
"Klages' mission was to rip up th[e] overgrowth of supposition away from the record, and then trace the vines and roots of each to disentangle them from the truth. As such, reading the book is less like reading a conventional history that it is akin to sitting in the jury while a very thorough prosecutor methodically, rigorously and uncompromisingly builds a case. No witness, no piece of evidence is left without having its credibility or provenance examined to the minutest degree."

Regarding Klages' assessment of one popular writer's work on Thomson, Reynolds offers:
"...the ruthlessness with which Klages reveals the speculation, sloppy research and unsupported family legend through which the author has polluted the public understanding of Thomson’s story was a tour de force of rigorous history over sensationalizing careerism." 

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